Origin of the name Raaijmakers

The name Raaijmakers belongs to the category of words from the Latin term "nominal agentis". These words are derived from verbs and identify people based on their profession, job or the stature they held in their community. Thus, names such as Major, Baker, or Pastor came about.

Raaijmakers refers in all probability to the profession of wheelwright or cartwright, a person who makes or repairs wooden wheels. In the course of history, the name Raaijmakers has been stated in different ways in the population as Raijmakers, Raaimakers and Raaymakers.

The name has its origins in province of North Brabant (The Netherlands), with the greatest concentration around Helmond and the surrounding area. Most Raaijmakers are still living in Brabant but have now fanned out across the rest of the Netherlands and into other countries such as Canada. On the attached map, it shows where in the Netherlands, by municipality, people with the surname Raaijmakers are living. The darker the shading, more people named Raaijmakers are living there.

Translated from Dutch by Mary Thibeau.

April 4, 1983, New Minas, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

(Some) Genealogy of the Raaymakers Family,
by William John Raaymakers (Uncle Bill, Ome Wim)


My Father's Family

My Grandfather's name was Johannes Raaymakers. Born Dec. 27, 1845 in Nistelrode N.B. Netherlands. Deceased Oct. 10, 1908 in Volkel N.B. Netherlands. I know from my Father that he was called “Jan van Hannes van Naruse”, meaning that his Father's name was also Johannes and his Grandfather's name was Leonardus. I have no other detail on that, except that in the province of North Brabant, it was customary to identify individuals, in areas where there were many families with the same surname, in this manner. This can be better understood when we realize, that the only Civic records were kept by the Church only. In the case of the Raaymakers family, it was a church fire that prevented us from finding any more detail on them before my Grandfather.

His wife, my Grandmother, was Wilhelmina Van den Oever. Born Nov. 1, 1852 in Dinter N.B. Netherlands. Deceased Dec. 9, 1925 (I was named after her).

My Father's name was Martinus Raaymakers. Born July 28, 1892 in Nistelrode N.B. Netherlands. Deceased July 1, 1968, in Gerwen N.B. Netherlands.

My Mother's Family

My Grandfather's name was Hendricus Van Eck. Born July 21, 1869 in Boekel N.B. Netherlands. Deceased April 4, 1933 in Breugel N.B. Netherlands.

My Grandmother's name was Anna Maria Vesters. Born March 2, 1868 in Uden N.B. Netherlands. Deceased Sept. 14, 1950 in Breugel N.B. Netherlands.

My Mother's name was Anna Maria Van Eck. Born Jan. 17, 1894 in Boekel N.B. Netherlands. Deceased Dec. 22, 1982 in Gerwen N. B. Netherlands.

The name Raaymakers, [in the Netherlands (Raaijmakers) the (ij) having the same meaning as the (y) in English], is the Flemmish translation of “Radermaker” or “Rademaker” meaning wheel maker. The original registration of the name is “Rademaker”. The Raaymakers have always been in the farming business, and at one time it would have been very likely that wheel making was practiced as a sideline by some farmers.